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Tips for Using the Bible Memory Plan

The Bible tells us to know the Scriptures and mediate on them.

The Bible Memory Plan is available alongside our Lessons to help children and families do just that. It's a 12 year memorization guide which can be started with young children (3+). It can be used by teachers in Sunday School, helpers in Church nurseries, and parents at home (it is recommended that the church distribute a copy of the Bible Memory Plan to each family).

Memorization can be tedious for children, but it is key!

Here are some tips to relieve the tediousness:

Method 1 - Subtract Words

- Write the words on a white board

- Say the verse together as a class/family

- Have a member of the class/family erase a couple of words

- Recite the verse together again, supplying the missing words from memory.

- Continue taking turns erasing words until the board is empty.

- The children are often so distracted by this activity that they have learned the verse before the white board is blank!  

- Note: This is effective even if the children cannot read—use a different color marker to write each word and leave a large gap between words so it is obvious where one word ends, and another begins.

- Consider drawing pictures in place of some of the words, or taping pictures on the board. Children love the variety!

Method 2 - Section by Section

- Break the verse into sections.

- Each group in the classroom, or person in the family memorizes one section.  

- Each group/person reads or recites his section.

- Do this a few times, and then switch sections.

- Before long, the entire verse is memorized, section by section.

Method 3 - Visual Cues

- Write the words (or draw pictures) for the verse on index cards.

- Have students put them in order in a pocket chart or on a tabletop.

- Have them recite the verse.

- Have them remove a few cards.

- Do this over and over until all the cards are gone.

- When the students have practiced the verse a few times, switch it around:  let the children begin with all the cards in their possession and then try to put them on the table in the correct order.

Method 4 - Audio (More conducive to home use)

- Make a voice recording of the verse or passage.

- Listen to it together while traveling, cleaning house, baking, or any activity that lends itself to light conversation.

- Play the voice recording repeatedly while reciting the verse with your children.

Encourage Children to Memorize!

  • Praise their efforts
  • Practice with them
  • Learn with them- show that it is important
  • Persevere with them- do not give up
  • Parents set up times for children to recite to teacher
  • Reward their efforts

Reciting for the teacher:

  • Set up time in advance
  • Find a quiet place
  • Make the student feel at ease
  • Expect near perfect recitation- be kind, but if the student does not know the verses, encourage them to practice at home a little more and try again. If a child knows the verses, but is nervous and can’t remember the next words, repeat his words back to him to give him a ‘jumpstart’. Do not feed him most of the words in the verse.

Add the Bible Memory Plan to your class or home!