Quick, Budget-Friendly Costumes

Making costumes for Bible characters can be easy, quick, and inexpensive!

Robes, Wraps & Head Coverings

Robes and wraps can be made from:

  • Old curtains
  • Old sheets
  • Thin blankets
  • Fabric swaths

For head coverings, you can use:

  • Old pillow cases
  • Old towels
  • Over-sized scarfs
  • Fabric swaths

To secure robes and head wraps,

- Use elastic!

Buy ¼” elastic, cut it into various lengths, then tie ends together in a knot. Slip these elastic bands over students' heads and shoulders to secure their head wraps and hold their robes in place around theirs waists.

Kingly Attire


  • Use gold or yellow poster board or construction paper
  • Cut different color gems and glue on
  • Laminate if possible!
  • Secure around heads with Velcro, tape, or safety pins

Prefer ready-made? Visit dollar stores, party stores, or costume stores or shop online!


Visit dollar stores, party stores, or costume stores for plastic swords too!

(Note: Train students not to hit one another- only ‘clang’ swords together.)