Walls of Jericho

Many stories in the Bible are centered around a city. If acting out these stories, it's much more fun to have a "real" city. Whether marching around, defending, attacking, or escaping from, this quick craft will provide you with the perfect setting for your city story.

What you'll need: 

  • Tan or gray paint
  • Black spray paint or black/brown paint
  • Brushes and/or roller
  • Large appliance-size box

Step 1 - Define Wall Pieces

Break apart your box to get 'V' sections. Make sure each section has a "foot" piece so that the wall can stand upright. Test out the assembly of your wall to make sure it stand upright.

Step 2 - Paint Base

Paint your base layer tan or gray with spray paint, brushes, or rollers.

Step 3 - Paint Details

Sketch out rough rectangular shapes with a pencil, then use dark paint to outline (or jump straight to painting)!

Optional: Cut out a Window

Use a window to place Rehab's scarlet thread when acting out the story of Jericho!