Making Weapons & Staffs

The Old Testament is full of battles. Whether you're outfitting an army or a lone solider, equipping them with weapons for their Act It Out sequences helps bring it to life.

Buy Weapons

If budget is no concern and time is, considering heading to costume stores or shopping online for plastic swords, shields, spears.

Make Weapons

Imagination can make almost anything a heroic sword or legendary spear. Consider these materials to outfit your warriors:

(Train students to never hit one another with the weapons! Teach them to 'clang' weapons together.)

  • Cardboard Wrapping Paper or Paper Towel Rolls (for a spear, add a tip; for a sword, flatten and paint or cover in foil)
  • Masking Tape, Cardboard Pieces (for hilts, spear tips)
  • Cardboard Cutouts (shields)
  • Wooden Dowels (staffs)
  • Painted PVC pipe (staffs, spears, swords)
  • Bambo (staffs)