Manger Snack Craft

This is a perfect craft for Christmas Sunday.

Suggestion for class: Have the children quote the Christmas passage from the memory work notebook, have the Bible story about the birth of Christ, then let the kids make a manger to eat for snack!

What you'll need: 

  • Box of graham crackers
  • Package of Almond Bark or bag of chocolate (will need to be melted)
  • Marshmallows
  • Fruit roll-up (pineapple or apple -- see below to make your own)
  • Paper or plastic bowls

fruit rollup

Optional: Make your own fruit rollup:

  • Add 1 can of pineapple or apples to blender
  • Blend until liquid
  • Spread in silicone-lined sheet pan
  • Bake at 200 F for 3-4 hours
  • Let cool and slice into thin strips for 'hay'

graham cracker with chocolate

Build the Structure

  • Melt chocolate in microwave safe container.
  • To thin: Add a tablespoon of shortening to thin it (Do not add water)
  • Let students dip Graham crackers in melted chocolate and hold them together inside the bowl

graham cracker with fruit rollup hay, marshmallow swaddling clothes

Add Bedding

  • Add fruit roll-up 'hay'
  • Flatten a marshmallow and add it as 'swaddling clothes'
  • (Please do not add a baby or anything to represent a baby!)

Eat and enjoy!