About the Curriculum

Trekking Through the Testaments teaches the truths of the Bible, from Genesis through Acts.

Trek makes teaching impactful for students, simple for teachers.

It is a Bible history for children, teaching the Bible's stories in chronological order and providing context along the way.
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A curriculum apart

Why Trek?


Not everyone has several hours each week to research the history and theology of every Bible lesson.

Trekking Through the Testament
s does that work for you, meticulously checked for theological accuracy and correct application.

For All Ages

Smaller churches often have less space and fewer students and teachers. Out of necessity, classrooms must combine students of mixed ages and knowledge levels.

With Trekking Through the Testaments, teachers can readily adapt lessons and activities to work in these diverse classrooms.

Download and Go

Immediate download makes introducing Trek simple and affordable.

Buy once and print what you need. No repeat purchases needed for new classes or students.

What's Inside

What Makes up a Lesson?

Bible Drills*

Students learn to locate and study Bible verses that are relevant to the story.
*Starting in OT Unit 8


Teachers are informed of overall lesson goals.


Additional information to help teachers plan for each lesson. This section should be checked a few days before presentation of the lesson.


Students are taught a narrative from the Bible in memorable and age appropriate ways.

What Can We Learn?

Doctrinal teaching and application to demonstrate what the story is teaching and how we can apply it to daily life.

Review Questions

Recap the story and application with a series of questions after each lesson.

Activity Sheets

Crossword puzzles, mazes, and/or secret codes themed around the lesson.

Coloring Pages

Illustrations portraying the story (There are no pictures of God or Jesus).


Select lessons include scripts for students to re-enact Bible Stories.

Scope & Sequence

Trekking Through the Testaments is a four and a half year Bible program that ‘treks’ through the Bible. Each lesson contains the story narrative in age-appropriate language, an application to the student, and review questions.
By the end of the curriculum, students will be familiar with most Bible events from Genesis through Acts. They will have an idea of how the Bible characters and events demonstrate how God has orchestrated the history of the world to bring His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world; and to spread the Good News of His salvation to all.

They will learn basic doctrines about the Bible, the Trinity, the sinfulness and fall of man, and God’s sovereignty in bestowing gifts of faith and repentance.

Students will also know that Jesus Christ, who is God and man, sacrificed His life to save those whom the Father had chosen. Students will know that God chooses, saves, and keeps throughout all eternity all who believe in His Son.
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Our Beliefs

The doctrinal truth from each story is taught from a Reformed Baptist point of view, which means:


God is holy and sovereign; all men are depraved with an inherited sin nature. It's not enough to rely on being born and raised in a Christian household; children are taught what it means to personally repent of their sin.


Man cannot come to God unless the Holy Spirit draws him. Hope rests in God's mercy to save all who call upon Him. For those called, Christ Jesus sacrificed Himself to take on their sins. All the glory goes to God alone for salvation!

No Object Lessons

Rather than teaching object lessons (which sometimes prove more distraction than instruction), each lesson provides clear applications derived from the theology of the Biblical story.


Doctrine is emphasized, giving students an understanding of the work of God not only in any one individual's life, but in the flow of history in its entirety.

Second Commandment

The Second Commandment is honored. There are no pictures of God or Jesus, for no likeness could adequately represent Our Creator and Savior.


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