Biblically Sound Curriculum

A trek through the stories of the Bible for children.

Straight from Scripture

Bible History for Children

Our curriculum explores Biblical accounts in context of history: the timeline, the people, their actions, and the lessons to be learned.

Our Background

Reformed Theology

Trekking Through the Testaments began out of a desire to create a curriculum from a distinctly Reformed Baptist perspective.


Suits All Classrooms

Our curriculum was designed with smaller churches in mind, but is easily adaptable to larger churches and home schools, for kids ages 4 - 14.

Curriculum Goals

What does it mean to Trek Through the Testaments?

Teach the Bible only, no object lessons
Share historical context of each story
Understand the principle behind the story
Convey how to apply lessons to daily life
Connect to each lesson with activities
Point to Jesus Christ as our only Salvation

Scope &

What does Trekking Through the Testaments cover?

Free Sample

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Curriculum Reviews

Teachers Who Trekked

"I really loved the clear explanation of the thorny issue of how God hardened Pharoah’s heart. Bet other teachers will also!"
"Kids respond well to this curriculum, and adults can gain from it too. It is a great reminder and encouragement on how we are called to live and grow as Christians no matter age."
"The stories are very well written, and I like the review questions.  I also really like the extra help like explaining the difference between a miracle and a magic trick.  I hope a lot of churches can benefit from it for many years."
"I have been teaching this curriculum for over a year now. As a former school teacher, I have found that it is a complete, reformed theology, biblical curriculum. It is simple, but packs biblical truth in every lesson. It has biblical objectives and applications that children can understand. It is truly a well-rounded curriculum.


How many lessons are in each Unit?

There are 13 Lessons in each Unit, with 18 Units total.

What is included in the lessons?

Lessons include Bible Drills, a Bible narrative story for kids, Activity Sheets, and more - visit  About the Curriculum for more info!

What is the target age?

Trekking Through the Testaments is adaptable to a large age range, from Grades K through 8th, ages 4 through 14.

What denomination are you? 

Our curriculum comes from a Reformed Baptist perspective. Visit What We Believe and About the Curriculum for more information!

Can I use this in homeschooling?

Yes, Trekking Through the Testaments can be used at home too!

How do I access lessons?

Lessons are immediately downloadable after purchase! Please check your email for the download link. For teaching tips and troubleshooting, visit Using the Lessons.

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